The art of self-awareness – serendipity

Photo bombed

That’s my two dogs and they’re unaware of the art of self-awareness. Or are they? The Yorkie (brown fur) is Mr Norris and Chloe, a maltese, below. They are “brother and sister”. He’s 4 and she’s 7.

Photo #2.
That's Chloe

I’m starting to think they may use the art of self-awareness after all – especially Mr Norris. He’s an awesome little guy.

They were both taken in moments of serendipity. 

…Just quickly, have you ever seen the movie “Serendipity“? Kate Beckinsale – enough said (hey, I am a guy and my girlfriend likes her too)…

It’s in those serendipitous moments that life takes on a different dimension. We’re attached to the environment around us and it’s like there’s a path being illuminated to guide us along the way. Letting go of everything and allowing ourselves to get caught up in the moment, drifting from one second to the next, can be uplifting, creative, exciting and exhilarating!

Yes, there are certainly times when you have to have complete focus on the task at hand and follow a direction. It’s the moments of serendipity though where some of the best inspirational thoughts comes to mind. Well, that’s what happens for me.

What you see pt2


Take the photo above. It was taken when I was just rocking around the yard with the Flickr app on an iPhone 5. What I saw that afternoon was a homestead in rural Australia that I call my “3rd home” and absolutely adore.

Yet there are times when the owner of the yard isn’t so happy with the way it looks.

My serendipitous attitude sees it another way. That’s why it’s titled “What You See Pt2”.

Don’t get so caught up in life that you let it lead you. There’s a time and place for that. Every now and then attach yourself to the life around you. Observe the surroundings like you’ve never seen them before and watch the world light up!

Yep, I do like a little bit of serendipity…



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